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Walter Hoff provided me with professional coaching for 6 months. Being new to my role as CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Lehigh Valley, it was challenging to determine the best course of action to align the culture with my strategic direction. Through the professional coaching sessions with Walter, I was able to discover an organizational change that was necessary so we could become more efficient in serving at risk youth. During these same 6 months, I was able to implement the change and realign staff in new roles and responsibilities.

What I was able to accomplish in 6 months was because of my coaching from Walter. Having a person who was dedicated and interested in my success and had intentional conversations with me about what I wanted as the CEO of an organization, helped me discover and implement those changes quickly. I would highly recommend Walter Hoff as a professional coach.

Susan Bartels

CEO at Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Lehigh Valley

I have had the great fortune of working with Walter twice in my professional life. First while at Janssen, he was my RBD when I was a DM. Secondly, while I was in transition between jobs he was my Career, Life and Professional Coach. During that time Walter provided me with the structure, guidance, motivation and inspiration needed to get through one of the toughest times in my life. For his leadership and compassion I will forever be grateful.

Cassandra Anthony-Thompson

Sales Manager, PDI Inc.

Walt functioned as an adjunct consultant/instructor of the college. He would perform needs analysis with me on appointments and calls in order to adequately customize training for clients. This would lead to is subsequent development of the course-including syllabi and course material –ultimately delivering the training/workshop.

Mike Reil

Director, Business Development
Bucks County Community College

Leadership Development Classes Feedback

From a participant in a coaching class Walt conducted: Thanks again for an excellent job on the coaching training. I left with a better grasp of the ‘science’ of coaching and especially on how to assess the situation and what steps are appropriate at that moment. I also found out that I tend to give advice before I’ve heard the complete story. I caught myself doing that recently but am focused on getting better at asking questions and holding off on the advice.

From a training coordinator at a client Walt has conducted hundreds of face-to-face and virtual sessions: I appreciate your support during 2011. You are one of our most popular facilitators and consistently receive the best evaluations.

Walt does a good job of mixing stories with instruction to engage the class.

From a participant in one of Walt’s virtual class sessions: You are fabulous, you have a gift for this medium.

He was knowledgeable and engaging

Walt did a great job.  I wasn't sure how this would be handled being virtual, but Walt kept the group engaged the whole time.

Walt was awesome! Lots of real-life examples and made it fun!

Walt is a fine, articulate, and inspiring facilitator.

I liked the energy he presented with making the class relevant, entertaining, and fun.

Walt was a great leader. He was very good at making people feel comfortable opening up in front of the group.

Walt did a great job, specifically providing support, feedback, and making the 3 days engaging.

From a VP of HR who attended one of Walt’s session: “He was a rock star!”

The instructor was upbeat, engaging, knew his stuff, made me think

He was passionate and enthusiastic about the topic he was teaching. This made it believable and enjoyable

He engaged us and gave valuable feedback, answered questions and gave examples