Curriculum Design

Walt has designed 2-hour, half-day, and full-day workshops that help people-leaders more effectively lead and coach, and help individual contributors more effectively sell, influence, handle conflict, and become more collaborative. He has also designed pathways of development to help sales people become sales managers, make sales managers more effective, and develop sales managers into effective leaders of sales managers.

His work with clients has included the following:


  • Built a training curriculum for Region Sales Directors of a pharmaceutical company to help them develop functional and leadership competencies

Follow Up To Classroom Sessions:

  • Designed tools for several pharmaceutical companies to reinforce coaching and leadership skills taught in the classroom

Designed Custom face-to-face and virtual classroom sessions

  • Designed a coaching workshop for a healthcare company using existing video of sales representatives in various scenarios
  • Designed and delivered two webinars targeted to Sales Managers that focused on leadership skills and providing new sales representatives with the guidance needed to produce results quickly
  • Designed an interviewing skills workshop for a healthcare company to enhance sales manager’s abililty to hire sales people who are the right organizational fit
  • Designed a managed markets coaching workshop for sales managers of a healthcare company to drive performance with their sales people in the face of market changes that could negatively impact sales performance
  • Designed an influence workshop for sales managers of a healthcare company to help sales leaders be more influential with colleagues and internal stakeholders
  • Designed a day-long selling effectiveness workshop for a healthcare company that focused on delivering sales messages that drive customers to action
  • Converted a 4-hour face-to-face Time Management class into a 2-hour virtual session has been  successfully facilitated to a healthcare company several times
  • Designed and facilitated a two-day leadership development program for senior leaders of an industrial manufacturing company
  • Designed and facilitated a 4-series program for senior leaders of a credit union to help transform the operating culture
  • Designed and facilitated a 1-day workshop to build collaborating and networking skills with internal colleagues for an energy company
  • Designed and delivered a 3-hour workshop on what all leaders need to do to develop the skills of their people in order to drive results

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