Coaching.  Arguably, one of the most over-used words today.  It’s a skill that is underutilized, but most important to a people-leader’s success!

Coaching for you may be an underutilized skill, perhaps because no one helped you understand how to coach.

You may have been doing a great job as an individual contributor and were selected to lead a group of people.  By contrast, you could be an experienced people-leader.  In both cases, you may never have received formal or informal training on how to lead people, let alone how to coach them.

As a result, you are frustrated, perhaps feeling stressed, maybe even disillusioned, about coaching and leading people.  Aside from the many priorities, time pressures, and results you are expected to achieve, you struggle with the people side of things the most and could be having these thoughts:

  • Why are they so resistant to change?
  • How do I keep them motivated and engaged to do their best work?
  • What’s up with these millennials, why do they need constant hand-holding and feedback, and how do I get through to them?

A Certified Professional Coach through the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching, which is accredited by the International Coach Federation, Walt can help people-leaders understand how to develop the skills of their people and achieve the best results by coaching them.

How Walt Helps

  • Provide an assessment of the energy you bring as a people-leader using the Energy LeadershipTM Index Assessment. The results will show people-leaders how they typically respond under stress.  Walt then works with people-leaders to better channel more positive energy to increase their effectiveness
  • Helps people-leaders uncover the real key to motivating and engaging their people, which relieves the stress of leading people and returns more time for the people-leader to act and think more strategically…like a leader
  • Shows people-leaders an approach to coaching that develops the skills and competencies of their people, making them more independent problem-solvers and more productive employees

Walt’s Executive Coaching Experience

  • Worked with 8 senior leaders of a federal government agency, guiding them through an interpretation of their 360-degree feedback, and helping them develop action plans to become more collaborative leaders
  • Coached the CEO and CFO, along with other members of the senior leadership team, of an engineering company. Helped them see the benefits of adhering to existing operating processes, being more collaborative with each other, and coaching and developing their people to help transform the culture and bring in more revenue
  • Helped the CEO of a Big Brothers Big Sisters Agency more effectively manage poor performers. Modified a tendency the CEO had in making operational decisions for her staff, moving her to listen more and incorporating her staff’s input on program implementation.  The result was better engagement and ownership among the staff

Walt’s Coaching Approach

  • Questioning techniques to help clients understand how their behavior is impacting their actions
  • Move clients to taking some action that they are comfortable with to improve their situation, and hold them accountable for completion of agreed upon action steps
  • The client guides the direction of each session
  • Provides email support between coaching sessions
  • Suggests appropriate development resources

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