Development First, LLC

A leadership development consultant firm that helps people-leaders focus

on the most important thing that brings results - developing the skills of their people.


A leadership development consulting firm that provides consulting, coaching, facilitation, and design services to companies in various industries who are focused on building the skills of present and future leaders of people.

Showing people-leaders an approach and process that is key to their people becoming more motivated and energized. Coaching people-leaders not only how to coach their people, but showing them how to develop the skills of their people, which enables more effective coaching.

Development First LLC

Company’s History

After 29 years in corporate settings, 25 in the pharmaceutical/biotech healthcare industry, Walt started Development First LLC in April 2007. He has capitalized on a wealth of experience in sales, sales management, markets account management, marketing, human resources, and leadership development training to help clients develop leadership skills.

As a coach and facilitator, Walt is able to relate real-world experiences that allow participants to be able to apply those skills on the job. Walt brings that same experience in designing leadership training and follow-up tools that help leaders achieve their desired results.

Walter W. Hoff

About Walter W. Hoff, President

Walter W. Hoff, President of Development First LLC brings practical business and management consulting solutions to improve the ability of people leaders to achieve business results.

Walter Experience & Certifications

  • 43 years of business experience
  • 29 years of corporate line and operations experience
  • 25 years in the pharmaceutical and biotech healthcare industries
  • A certified facilitator who has completed more than 50 hours of facilitator training
  • A Certified Professional Coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, accredited by the International Coach Federation, the coaching profession’s governing body recognized for its excellence in established standards, core competencies, and training professional coaches
  • Curriculum design training, developing a complete understanding of the entire process from needs analysis to evaluation of the effectiveness
  • Consulting skills training that focused on driving a client to a broad performance-based solution
  • ATD certified virtual trainer

See Walt in Action

Watch a 13.5-minute segment of Walt conducting a workshop on what all leaders need to do to develop skills and drive results.